Study Materials | Kerala PSC

Study Materials | Kerala PSC
Kerala PSC strictly goes for the wide area of General Knowledge for the Kerala PSC exams. If you are thinking of cracking the Kerala PSC exam, you better have an eye on the General Knowledge part. If you are wondering how to get along with this vast field, don’t worry. Nobody learns it all, you can go for a random search for GK notes, tests or quizzes and learn randomly from each place.

  1. Metals & Non-Metals
  1. Presidents of India
  2. Indian States and UT's
  1. Ancient Kingdoms of Kerala
  2. Rulers of Kerala
  3. Chief Ministers of Kerala
  4. Districts in Kerala
Kerala PSC released its new exam schedules on the Kerala PSC official website. Aspirants waiting to apply for the post can make use of this time and the study materials available to prepare well. The syllabus of most Kerala PSC examinations is the same, except for some departmental posts. If you are preparing for the next Kerala PSC exam, then beware of this fact and start the preparations. But wait, not just a random preparation will do. You need to know the complete syllabus and exam pattern initially, After that, comes the most important part, the collection of study materials. Download the Kerala PSC malayalam study meterials PDF now!

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