What was the name of the last horse of Shivaji?

What was the name of the last horse of Shivaji?
King Shivaji used 7 Horses in his entire life. Out of it, there were some Male Horse (Stallion) and female horse (Mare). They were Moti, Vishwas, Turungi, Indrayan, Gajra, Ranvir and Krishna.

According to historians Krishna horse (Ghoda) was last horse was used by Shivaji. It was acute white coloured Stallion. After taking oath of Swarajya Rajyabhishishek (1674), King Shivaji sat on Elephant also on Horse Krishna.

The happiness got to Rajmata Jijabai after oath ceremony as a King of Maratha was very glad moment. In that glad moment Shivaji Maharaj rode on Krishna Horse.

Mughal army could not catch Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in his entire life , the credit of it must also goes to horses. Mostly, He used female horse. But, in adverse moment to run away from enemy in such circumstances King Shivaji used Stallion (male horse).

Shivaji Maharaj had very good sense of Horse as well as Sword. He not only used Desi Horse but also European tall horses depending upon situation.

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