The term gene was first used by

The term gene was first used by
Danish botanist Wilhelm Johannsen coined the word "gene" ("gen" in Danish and German) in 1909 to describe these fundamental physical and functional units of heredity. William Bateson in 1905 coined the term genetics from the word gene.

History of genetic research began with Gregor Mendel the "Father of Genetics". He had performed an experiment with plants in 1857 that led to increased interest in the study of genetics. Mendel who became a monk of the Roman Catholic Church in 1843, studied at the University of Vienna from where he studied mathematics, and then later performed many scientific experiments with plants to study inheritance of traits.

His experiment that led to the initial beliefs of genetics involved growing thousands of pea plants for 8 years. He was forced to give up his experiment when he became abbot of the monastery. He died in 1884 but his experiments still form the basis of genetics and gave a fair idea of inheritance.

Although Mendel did not use the term gene, his results explained the basic concepts of inheritance.

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