According to geographical history, which is the oldest mountains in India?

The Aravalli Range is a mountain range in Northwestern India, running approximately 692 km in a south-west direction, starting near Delhi, passing through southern Haryana and Rajasthan, and ending in Gujarat. The highest peak is Guru Shikhar at 1,722 metres (5,650 ft).

The Aravalli Range, an eroded stub of ancient mountains, is the oldest range of fold mountains in India. The natural history of the Aravalli Range dates back to times when the Indian Plate was separated from the Eurasian Plate by an ocean.

The Aravalli Range has been site of three broad stages of human history, early stone age saw the use of flint stones; mid-stone age starting from 20,000 BP saw the domestication of cattle for agriculture; and post stone age starting from 10,000 BP saw the development of the Kalibangan civilisation, 4,000 years old Aahar civilisation and 2,800 years old Gneshwar civilisation, Aarayan civilisation and Vedic era civilisations.

The ages are expressed in years before present (BP) where "present" is defined as AD 1950. The year 1950 was chosen because it was the standard astronomical epoch at that time.

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